Photography is my passion. I travel with my camera to experience new places, indigenous cultures, life, beauty, reality. The photographic process is as important to me as the end result, and the challenge to capture that special image keeps me photographing. My goal always is to establish a connection with my subject.

I have had the privilege to travel with, and learn from, Karl Grobl, Jim Cline, Nevada Wier, Herb Leventon, Jeremy Woodhouse, Richard Martin, Arthur Meyerson, Trevor Cole, Patrice Aguilar, Scotty Stulberg, Bobbi Lane, Catherine Karnow, Bob Krist, Mehmet Ozbalci, Zack Smith, Rika Nishimure -Seow, Dv Singh Jagat and Manoj Sharma. Along the way, I’ve met amazing people, made life-long friendships and share my travel with a special group of photographers.


cell:  619.818.4192

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